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Oscar Ichazo

ck_handsvi_transp In this training, Chua K’a—deep bodywork done on oneself—enables the body to evolve to its highest degree of sensitivity and awareness. The impact of life experience creates networks of muscular tension (pain) that are remembered emotions. Working the tissues with precise hand and finger positions and a stick called a K’a, we learn to transmit vital energy and the heat of the Kath to the bone, removing the tension.

When we release physical tension, we release psychic tension as well, since the body and mind are an integral system.

Chua K’a originated with Oscar Ichazo, and was introduced to the Arica School® in 1970.

Length of training: Two-day intensive group training
Prerequisites: None
Requirements: Arica Institute Membership

Schedule of Trainings

Please visit the Arica® website (, Training Schedule section, for a current schedule of Chua K’a Bodywork trainings.


The following Arica training sponsors are licensed by Arica Institute to present the
Chua K’a Bodywork training.

Chulao Viejo

Santiago, Chile website

Human Performance Associates

Longmont, Colorado contact

Equipo Vitacura

Santiago, Chile website

Integral View

Pacific Palisades, California website

Metacultura Brasil

Florianópolis, Brasil contact

Team Hawai’i

Kihei, Hawai’i

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